Nike Launches NFL Style Soccer Jerseys

November 19, 2018

Samuel Shim


Two different sports with the same name have just collaborated with Nike making four football-meets-soccer jerseys. Although it may get confusing with two different sports bearing the same name, it's interesting to see what it would look like if a top European team had an American football counterpart.

The National Football League (NFL) and Nike have dropped a total of four American football jerseys representing top Europian soccer teams. Just a week ago, Nike launched two NFL styled soccer jerseys for two English soccer teams Tottenham and Chelsea. Today we get two more jerseys, only now for PSG and Barcelona who are some of the best teams in their respective leagues.

Barcelona is Nike's top team in the La Liga, and Coutinho is the biggest Nike player on that team, which is the reason why Coutinho's name and number is the only option for the Barcelona jersey. The same goes PSG, Tottenham, and Chelsea, with the biggest Nike athletes on those teams being Neymar, Kane, and Hazard.

Nike is the official sponsor for many players across all sports, with some of the top names Nike has invested into being Neymar, Coutinho, Kane, and Hazard. Although Cristiano Ronaldo is a bigger name than any of those just mentioned, he plays for an Adidas sponsored club, making it impossible for that collaboration to occur.

Many will wonder why? Why would Nike link up the NFL with soccer? There really isn't a reason but considering NFL's recent growth in popularity in England and all the hype that surrounds collaborations, Nike may wonder why not? Additionally, soccer in America has been steadily growing, but this release may just give an extra boost to the American soccer market. With all the successful collaborations Nike has made, including the recent PSG x Jordan, Nike really has nothing to lose.

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Image Credits to SoccerBible.