Nike Uses Interesting Camouflage Technique

  May 3rd, 2019


In a recent training session, Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez were spotted wearing an unreleased boot with an interesting colorway. The boots are thought to be the next generation of Nike Tiempo Legend, and the two defenders were testing the boots out. Unreleased prototype models are often worn in training sessions by players, it's a way Nike tests out the boots, but the colorway that came with the boots is quite interesting.

The colorway of the boots are not just a fancy design by Nike to attract attention, it is actually a camouflage method. Many car companies such as GM, Chrysler, and BMW use this technique to hide certain features of the car while it is still in testing. The camouflage makes it hard to see details and lines on the cars that would be easy to spot if it were just one solid color.

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This method dates back to World War I when the British and US Navy used "dazzle ships". The ships were painted with "dazzle camouflage" which made it hard for German submarines to see where the ships were headed, making them miss the shot. The complex patterns of geometric shapes in contrasting colors confused the enemy forces to see which ship was most important, how fast they were going and in what direction.

Image of SS West Mahomet in 1918

The car industry later picked up the technique of using dazzle camouflage, this made it hard for people to see the crevasses and lines that are on the car. The crevasses and lines would be visible if the car were to be all black, just like it's possible to see the details of a blacked-out pair of unreleased boots.

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A major reason that the car companies use camouflage on their cars is to not make a customer want to hold off from buying a current model when the customer knows that a better car will be released soon. The current Tiempo Legend 7 was released in June 2017. With the lifecycle of Nike boots being about 2 years, you can expect the Legend 8 being released in the next few months. That is why Nike is worried if a detailed photo of the Nike Tiempo Legend 8 surfaced the internet, the brand may see a decrease in purchases of the Legend 7 because the customers would rather wait for the next model to come out.

Photo by @pjimenez71

The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 was actually leaked in November of 2018, but only now Nike has put their players into them. The Next generation Tiempo Legend will have a Flyknit heel and tongue, a 3-D Structured upper made from kangaroo leather, and the same Hyperstability soleplate.

Nike Tiempo Legend VIII Features:

  1. Kangaroo Leather 3-D Structured upper
  2. Hyperstability soleplate
  3. Flyknit at the heel
  4. Presumed Price: $230 (205 Euro and 176 GBP)
  5. Presumed Release Date: May-June 2019

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An interesting thing to note about the camo design is the word "TIEMPO" written in the camo. Its really hard to see (due to distortion) but if you look closely, you'll see it. We made a red outline if you still can't read it.

Expect to see the Tiempo Legend officially released by Nike in May 2019 and it should be able to be purchased in June 2019.

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