Photo by @Gunt22

15 Oct 2019

What to expect from the Predator 20

Constantin Shimonenko

The leaks, the reconstructions made by photoshop specialists, and the players spotted wearing the Predator 20 have been raising a lot of attention lately. The Predator 20+, 20.1, 20.2, 20.3 are all expected to be released this January, about exaclty a year after the 19. The predator 20 looks to have made a lot more changes than the upgrade from the 18-to-19. The upper, collar, and soleplate are very different.

Photo by @bootheadmy

The Soleplate

The biggest visual difference is the split soleplate, making the Predator the second modern Adidas boot with a split soleplate. The distance between the two plates is shorter than what you see on the Vapor 13 and the Nemeziz. The soleplate will have a new type of stud shape. On the forefoot plate, the studs will be shaped like a half-moon and on the heel plate, the studs will be more sharp and bladed.

Photo by @Gunt22

Photo by @bootheadmy

The Upper

Upper will have what looks to be diamond-shaped bits that will throughout the toebox and instep. The bits will most likely provide grip, reminiscent of the rubber elements on the classic predators. The bits will most likely not be made from rubber but made from polyurethane or silicone, like on the Predator 19. From the images, it seems like the bits will stand about 1/4 to 1/3 of a centimeter off the boot (about 1/8 of an inch).

The upper itself will be made from a "DemonSkin" (the most likely guess based off the burry image). The Demonskin will be a knit that will most likely be soft since there is little need for a surface grip element with the bits already there. There is no information on how the upper will feel at this moment.

There will be a low-cut and a high-cut collar based on the blackout boots the players have been wearing. The collar on the low-cut seems very similar in shape to the Vapor 13's collar.

The Design

The design seems to focus on the diamond shape. The upper has many diamond-shaped bits while the soleplate has diamond-shaped cutouts throughout and even a diamond-shaped stud in the middle of the forefoot plate. The stripes will be on the lateral side of the boot (outside side), with no stripes on the medial sides. There will be an Adidas logo on the top of the collar.

Here are the rest of the images, leaks, edits, and spottings seen online:

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