Adidas Field Player Gloves Review

Updated July 30, 2018 |

Stay focused on the game without having to worry about keeping your hands warm. The Adidas Feild Player Gloves are made to do just that, keep your hands warm while you keep your head in the game.

The Materials:

The gloves are made from a 100% polyester polar fleece material that does an excellent job keeping your hands warm, without having to be overly thick. The material thickness isn't remarkably thin either, being a good balance between thin and thick, allowing your fingers to actually move.

The fingertips themselves have a rubber texture, made from rubber dots allowing you to grip the ball and make strong, successful throw-ins in wet conditions.

Tech specs include:

  1. 100% Polyester Polar Fleece
  2. Climawarm technology keeps your body warm in cold conditions
  3. Negative cuff for a tighter fit
  4. adidas brandmark on back of the hand
  5. Vented cuff for easy entry
  6. Tighter fit
  7. Velcro Adjustable
  8. Rubber texture at fingertips

Aditional Information:

To put the Adidas Feild Player Gloves on, there is a velcro adjustability strap at the wrist. When on your hand, they honestly do a good job keeping your hands warm in all conditions with the Climawarm technology. There isn't too much to say about these gloves, they get the job done without having to be too complex.


  1. Warm and comfortable
  2. Grip the ball for throw-ins
  3. Versatile and functional
  4. Great for colder temperatures
  5. Snug fit
  6. Warm, thick material
  7. Fairly lightweight
  8. Can be used for many other activities (Biking, jogs, etc.)


  1. Not goalkeeper gloves
  2. Not waterproof
  3. The sizing may be confusing


Adidas really did well when it comes to their Field Player Gloves. The Climawarm 100% Polar Fleece material is useful in cold and windy conditions. These gloves are not waterproof so beware of rainy weather. The thick material provides a comfortable snug fit while also being fairly lightweight. The rubberized fingertips help you grip the ball when you need it, very useful in throw-ins.

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Image Credits for Adidas.

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