12/26/17 |

Adidas Telstar Ball Mini Review

Made as a decoration or to improve your skills and juggling, the Telstar 18 Mini can be used around the house or in the training.

Adidas made the Telstar 18 Mini for many different reasons. Unlike the past Adidas mini-replicas, the Telstar is actually seamlessly glued, doesn't feature a valve, and has a solid foam core. The Adidas Telstar 18 Mini is literally a shrunken version of the official match ball, outside of a few minor differences in the surface texture.

The Adidas Telstar 18 Mini maintains the same 6-panel shape and design, thermally bonded panels, and branding. Although there isn't a valve and FIFA approved badge the ball is very similar to the original.

Many people will buy the Telstar 18 Mini for training, which works quite effectively. It is much more difficult to train, juggle, and in general play soccer with a mini ball and because of that, many soccer players use them to refine their skills. Most mini balls don't feature a valve, and after a while, the ball deflates, however on the Telstar 18 Mini the core is insulated with foam so it is impossible to go flat.

Others buy mini balls as collectibles, gifts, or just to put it on the shelf. With it being impossible to deflate the ball, collectors also benefit from that. The Telstar 18 Mini is great to just play with around the house, as a toy for younger kids, the ball is only size 1 so there shouldn't be any damage even in the worst case scenario. The ball is at a considerably good value ($12.99) in my opinion. Many people buy the Telstar 18 Official Match Ball as a collectible, however, the less pricey way is to go with the mini version.

Concern: None.

Recommended? Yes: The Telstar 18 Mini is the best mini soccer ball currently on the market. The quality is much better than any of its competitors, with it's thermally bonded panels and solid foam core. The Telstar Mini is often used as a training tool for touch and juggling, or just a collectible that you put on a shelf.

Image Credits to Adidas.