12/22/17 |

Adidas X 17+ Purespeed Review

Designed for speed, made for explosiveness, and lightweight at its core. A boot that can mold to any foot shape, making break-in time seem like a myth. Control the ball with nothing in your way, just you and the ball.

The Adidas X 17+ Purespeed has made a few minor updates from its predecessor the X 16+ Purechaos, but it's more of a revamp than anything. The few updates in the upper and the soleplate don't really differ the experience while playing, just make the cleat a slight bit sharper. As a whole, the X 17+ Purespeed is a very good boot, being ultra light with a highly soft upper and a notably secure lockdown.

The upper on the Adidas X 17+ is made from a two-piece design, being made from synthetic and textile materials. The outer shell is covered completely with NGS giving a textured sensation, and control on the ball in all conditions. Similarly to the previous generation, the upper is very soft, but now more than ever. There is virtually no break-in time, as the Techfit compression sock takes the shape of your foot, as you slip it on. The X 17+ does give your foot a reasonable amount of room to breathe, but still maintains a secure lockdown with the Techfit compression sock.

Gone is the clawed texture, and say hello to the textured 'Speedskin' upper. The upper features Adidas NSG (Non-stop grip) with a dotted dimpling texture that adds grip. There is a misconception about the about the upper that should be clear up, the X 17+ Purespeed is not a laceless boot. Even though they may be hidden, the Adidas X 17+ has laces, contributing to the solid lockdown these cleats provide.

The soleplate has stayed the same except for the change in texture, now being matte instead of gloss. The soleplate on the X 17+ is called 'Sprintframe' which has been featured on past Adidas models in different variations. On the X 17+ itself, it is made from a significantly lightweight plastic while giving a good flexibility in the forefoot. All 11 of the studs have a semi-conical crescent shape, allowing the cleat to be suitable for both Firm Ground (FG) and Artificial Grass (AG).

The second piece of the upper, the 'X heel' lining, keeps your foot in place and allows for no slippage whatsoever. The heel of Adidas X 17+ provides maximum comfort, and alleviates pressure on the achilles tendon with the 'S' curve. At the interior heel liner, there are small rubber dots, helping secure your heel in place.

Concern: The finish on the soleplate may wear off over time, however it will not affect the performance aspect.

Recommended? Yes: The Adidas X 17+ Purespeed is has a clean, laceless striking surface with the benefits of having laces, giving a secure lockdown. The upper is very soft out of the box, also featuring NGS, giving a reasonable amount of grip. The X 17+ is a very lightweight boot, and a fairly durable boot that will last the whole season and and beyond.

Image Credits to Adidas.