12/23/17 |

Nike Magista Obra II Elite Review

To upgrade one of the most revolutionary soccer cleats is quite a challenge that Nike was willing to take on. Simply just improving a few aspects is not enough for Nike.

For those of you who don't know, the Magista Obra completely changed the modern soccer cleat market and made people go nuts. But the Magista Obra II Elite just takes it to a completely new level. The complete change in the upper with a dimpling texture where you need it the most, and excluding it from everywhere else. The complete change in stud shape and pattern, mixing maneuverability and traction. A change in shape for the Dynamic fit collar, providing a better range of motion. All adding up to an extraordinary performance that you will get from no other cleat.

The Magista Obra II maintains a full Flyknit upper providing exceptional softness. The upper also features a heavily padded dimpling at the instep and at the lateral side of the forefoot. The dimple sizes vary across the upper, with the most rugged dimpling where you take passes and dribble. The dimpling is supposed to give you a better, more padded touch for maximum control when dribbling and passing, perfect for midfielders like Andre Iniesta. The Magista Obra has a double lace hole system, contributing to the lockdown by reducing the slippage at the laces. Also contributing to the lockdown is the Flywire Cables, which give a structured and secure feel.

A noticable change that Nike implemented is the change in shape of the Dynamic Fit collar. With the Nike Magista Obra 1, the Dynamic Fit collar is basicly a perfect cylinder, but with the latest generation, the collar is more attomically fitting. The sides of the collar are rounded higher while the top and bottom of the collar is now lower. This change is supposed to give more freedom and better range of motion, while also giving a more atomical fit over the ankle.

In terms of looks and astetics, the upper is more of a modern and fututistic looking soccer cleat. The midfoot and forefoot have a solid color with a fade at the base and at the Dynamic Fit collar. On the medial side of the foot, there is a Nike sign at the side and at the lateral side of the foot there are ACC and Flyknit branding with a smaller Nike sign.

Nike got rid of the external heel counter, replacing it with an internal heel counter while also shedding some weight. Nike claims that the soleplate is lighter than the previous generation, however as a whole the boot gained about 15 grams. Not a very noticeable difference, but at the same time, not an improvement. The insole is fully removable, featuring the NikeGrip system, which is supposed to decrease slippage to the absolute minimum.

Concern: The Nike Magista Obra II is not super soft straght out of the box and needs some break-in time. The soleplate is much more flexible than the previous generation but is still fairly stiff.

Recommended? Yes: The Nike Magista Obra II is an impressive cleat with its precise touch and its high maneuverability. The dimpled upper provides a touch you'll get from none other. The upper needs some break-in time but following that, it's surprisingly soft. It can fit any foot shapes, so now even the wide feet can join in on the fun. The Magista Obra is designed to fit your foot more anatomically than regular cleats and giving you the freedom of movement. This cleat is for the people looking for a classic touch with a modern performance.

Image Credits to Nike.