1/21/18 |

Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards Review

A shin guard that looks good, protects well, lasts long, all while being only $20 in price.

These shin guards offer excellent protection, while also being fairly comfortable, due to the anatomical fit around your shin. The size of the shin guards isn't obnoxiously huge, while also not being extremely small. The value is surpassing many others, featuring two shin guards and sleeves, with exceptional performance qualities.

The outer shell of the shin guards is made from a stiff and rigid plastic that offers trustworthy protection while also fitting your shins very well. The foam layer is not as thin as most shin guards, providing a good shock absorbent and comfortable feel. In addition, the foam is moisture-wicking, and drys fairly quickly. Although the size of the shin guards isn't super big, when hit on the shin guard itself, the protection is surprising good and gets the job done.

Concern: The sleeves are not the best, made from a cheap, somewhat elasticated fabric that doesn't last long. If you are interested in alternative shin guard sleeves, Nike has the Nike Guard Lock Elite.

Recommended? Yes: The Nike Mercurial Lite shin guards have astounding value for their price, offering excellent protection, comfort, lightweight, and minimal design. These are possibly the most common shin guards on the market, worn by thousands of players and many professionals. The fit is anatomical to your shins, for a sleek look with exceptional protection.

Image Credits to Nike and UnisportStore.