3/3/18 |

Nike Mercurial Supefly 6 Review

Inspired by the cheetah, the Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 offers an anatomical split-soleplate, Nikegrip texturing, responsive 360 Flyknit design, and a highly comfortable Dynamic Fit collar.

Attracting the likings of Cristiano Ronaldo with its tight fit, explosive feel, and thin upper, the Superfly 6 defines the Mercurial. The new Superfly incorporates a soft and slim Flyknit upper, giving an extension of the foot, barefoot feel. The Mercurial Superfly 6 drops the iconic Flywire cables, yet it's still considered the best Superfly of all time for the reasons we will discuss.

The Upper:

The fit was the primary focus when designing the Mercurial Superfly 6, which caused Nike to implement a split-soleplate design with 360 Flyknit technology. If your foot isn't secured correctly, even if it slides just 1mm, energy transfer is lost and in the end, you lose speed. This lead to the 360 Flyknit upper that wraps your entire foot to eliminate any gaps between your foot and the soleplate, allowing for maximum responsiveness.

The upper on Mercurial Superfly 6 forms to the shape of your foot, truly giving a close to the ball and personal fit. The transitions between the materials flow smoothly, designed to be completely unnoticeable making it hard to point them out. If you have a wide foot, you're in luck, for the Superfly 6 is suitable for wide feet, while maintaining a tight fit. Although the upper is stiffer than expected out of the box, after 1-3 hours of break-in time, the upper is very soft.

The Mercurial Superfly 6 has an ACC finish, however, unlike its predecessor the yarns themselves are coated with the ACC texturing, then sewn together. The result is a more compact knit with a better grip and durability. The micro-texturing and speed-ribs on the Flyknit upper offer sharp ball control at high speeds. The one-piece construction eliminates any overlapping materials, giving an absolute barefoot feel. The central lacing system features a dual lace hole system, enhancing the secure fit by decreasing lace slippage. The Superfly 6 is essentially a mid-cut version of the Vapor 12, the collar being the only difference between the two boots. In all, the Superfly 6 has a thin, tight, and sock-like upper without any extra room providing a close to the ball sensation.

The construction at the heel is completely different on the new Superfly, being blister-free, fitting perfectly to your foot. The internal heel counter and synthetic suede heel liner are much like what you get on a low-cut boot, providing minimal rubbing. Due to the new heel construction, it's much easier to slip the boot on and off, being comfortable straight out of the box.

The Soleplate:

The color-changing iridescent chrome soleplate is bold, with many people disliking the boot for that reason. The aggressive, anatomical and explosive soleplate on the Superfly 6 features a split-soleplate design. The soleplate has great flexibility at the forefoot, allowing your foot to feel stable and responsive at the same time. A key feature about the soleplate is the fact that it's anatomical, meaning it mimics your foot shape, for a better responsiveness and close to the ball feel. The Superfly provides a highly aggressive stud pattern, being arguably the best soleplate currently on the market.

It may seem like there is nothing but Flyknit in between the two soleplates, however, there still is an internal chassis providing stability for your foot. The new internal chassis interlocks with the insole for maximum responsiveness, eliminating insole sliding. The way it works is with a pattern on the bottom side of the insole that mirrors the same pattern in the chassis, preventing the insole from sliding around. The durable insole foam will definitely last longer than the Ortholite insole on the Superfly 5. The insole also features Nikegrip insole technology, keeping your foot from sliding around inside the boot.

Nike Football Senior Design Director, Jeongwoo Lee, explains the design and look of the Mercurial 360.

Concern: None.

Recommended? Yes: The Mercurial Superfly 6 wraps your entire foot with Flyknit, responding to your every movement. Although there aren't any Flywire Cables, the lockdown is unquestionable with the 360 design, eliminating any gaps between you and the soleplate. Decreasing slippage was a priority from the grippy ACC upper to the Nikegrip, interlocking insole. The new heel construction gives your ankle the freedom to move, being comfortable right as you slip the boot on. The minimalistic approach when designing the soleplate lead to the split-soleplate design, providing traction only where you need it. The new Superfly feels as if it disappears on your foot, offering maximum responsiveness, grip on the ball, and a personal feel.

Image Credits to Nike.