12/23/17 |

Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite Review

One of the most technologically advanced kangaroo leather boot on the market. The first Tiempo Legend that features Flyknit, the lightest ever made, and with a completely new soleplate.

From the upper to the soleplate, almost everything is redesigned to a certain extent. The Kangaroo leather upper with a foam skeleton and 'Fitmesh' liner providing a great touch and lockdown, while also eliminating overstretching. Featuring Flyknit at the heel and tongue, giving a somewhat one-piece feel, with Flywire cables. The good amount of padding across the whole boot, giving great lockdown and comfort.

The upper on the Tiempo Legend VII Elite is made from two primary materials, Flyknit, and soft kangaroo leather. The kangaroo leather can be found at the forefoot and midfoot while the Flyknit is visible in the heel area and tongue. The Flyknit also extends under the kangaroo leather in the midfoot area, helping to wrap your foot. The kangaroo leather features a foam skeleton that provides a solid touch on the ball and great lockdown, while also getting rid of unnecessary stitching on the upper.

To enhance the lockdown, even more, Nike implemented a 'Fitmesh' liner at the toebox area of the foot to lock your foot in place when you need it, while also preventing excessive stretching. The Fitmesh liner works a lot like a Chinese finger trap, getting tighter as pressure increases. At the lacing system, Nike placed three lace hole loops on each side of the boot, that are integrated with Flywire cables and help with responsiveness at the heel.

The thickness and the softness of the kangaroo leather did increase ever so slightly from the previous generation; an improvement on the general quality. The upper does feature All Conditions Control (ACC) but it really doesn't add anything special to the boot, it's more of a marketing method than anything. In conclusion, the upper provides a soft touch, secure lockdown, amazing responsiveness, and great comfort, all while being fairly lightweight at 200 grams.

The Tiempo Legend VII Elite has an interesting heel padding, being made from individial bumps or pads. I've gotta say, the padding feels really comfortable and it does do a goot job holding my heel in place. The insole on the Tiempo Legend VII is full removable and features the NikeGrip system and PORON® inserts. The NikeGrip system is supposed to help decrease foot slippage inside the boot, while the PORON® inserts provide optimal cushoining.

The unique and redesigned soleplate also known as the 'Hyperstability soleplate' gives a responsive, stable, and supportive feel. With a layer of Pebax®, the soleplate has a good flexibility in the forefoot, while also being very lightweight. The new stud configuration mixes both manuverability and traction, similar the the Hypervenom line. The soleplate features 6 conicals studs and 7 bladed studs, allowing your foot to pivot and providing good traction when needed.

Concern: Durability at the high wear zone in the forefoot, however, if worn on the intended surface, the boot should last a while.

Recommended? Yes: With a soft kangaroo leather upper featuring a foam skeleton and Fitmesh liner for enhanced lockdown, comfort, and touch. A unique and redesigned soleplate known as the 'Hyperstability soleplate' gives a responsive, stable, and supportive feel. The Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite is suitable for all foot types, recommended to go true to size for the best possible performance. Finally, the Flyknit tongue and heel with Flywire cables provides a great lockdown and close to the ball fit.

Image Credits to Nike.