12/26/17 |

SKLZ Quickster Rebounder Review

First touch and passing are arguably the most important aspects of the game, that many players are having problems with. The SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer was made to help you improve you're: passing, trapping, first touch, second touch, chest control, and volleys.

To improve your game individually, most people go with a ball and a wall, however, rebounders are the most effective when it comes to essential technical abilities. The SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer gives a genuine pass back and volley, so now you won't need to beg people to help with your fundamentals.

What sets this rebounder apart from many others, is the fact that there are two sides, it's easy storage, and it's short set-up time. This rebounder is very lightweight and portable, however, this means that securing it may be a problem, luckly it comes with stakes. The size of the smaller net is 6 feet by 20 inches, with a slight declined angle to eliminate any bounce on the rebounding passes. The larger net size is 6 feet by 4 feet with a slope to spring the ball up when passing, to work on trapping and first touch. The larger net can also be used for volley practice, there is a circle in the middle which is the area you should aim for a crisp rebound.

The quality of the rebounder is great, a well-built rebounder being made from high-quality materials. The net clips onto the rods with special clips that connect to the rods and frame. The net is made from a very durable fabric which should have no problem keeping its shape and not ripping. The rebounder, as a whole, has a fluid movement without much stiffness when passing.

The passing side has a slight unpredictability which helps with positioning and reflects. The other side of the rebounder is primarily used for volleys, but it can be used for many other exercises including, first touch, second touch, chest control, and headers. Both sides of the net give a good amount of rebound force, therefore you should stay alert.

Concern: The lightweight of the rebounder makes it free to move if not secured. SKLZ sells 'Pro Training Utility Weights' seperatly.

Recommended? Yes: The SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer is currently the highest rated and overall best rebounder on the market at its price point. The name says it all, the Quickster is easy to set up and highly portable. The rebound has a good amount of power, while also not feeling like a wall. Having two sides means it can be used with two people in many different ways, all while being durable and high quality. This piece of equipment is essential for working on volleys with only one person, allowing for maximum repetitions. This rebounder has many aspects that raise it above many rebounders, being an all-purpose trainer.

Image and Video Credits to SKLZ.