12/26/17 |

SKLZ X6 Training Hurdles Review

An essential piece of equipment made to help and improve your agility and explosiveness. These hurdles are made to withstand heavy use and are easy to store.

Durability, stability, and safety are crucial aspects that many hurdles lack, however the SKLZ X6 Training Hurdles does an exceptional job at that. The ease of storage and the unmatched durability is only some of what these hurdles are made to do. As you probably already know, there are endless possibilities when it comes to drills with hurdles, that is why this is such an important piece of equipment.

When training with hurdles, one annoying aspect of any hurdle is when the hurdles fall over, that is something SKLZ improved with the flat feet/legs of the hurdles. The flat feet/legs of the hurdle also eliminate any chance of injury and breaking the hurdle. To decrease tripping over the hurdle, SKLZ made the legs/feet shorter to make it easier to get over the hurdle. It may seem like I am hyping up this product, but it's really is just that good.

The height of these hurdles is at 6 inches, which could have been made higher but still not an easy jump. There are many exercises and drills in which these hurdles can be useful in, with or without the ball so let your creativity flow.

Concern: None.

Recommended? Yes: Out of the numerous options on the market, these are one of the best hurdles in terms of durability, stability, safety, and value. Sure there are cheaper hurdles out there, but from my testing, those hurdles are not made to withstand the heavy use and are not as stable, safe, and easy to use. These hurdles get the job done and will last, these are unquestionably one of the best ones currently on the market.

Image and Video Credits to SKLZ.